The Penelope has been released.

The best image converter ever.
Penelope is superfast imaging solution that can be resize images and convert to any format.



This modern apps allows you to innovate your imaging world.
- Superfast conversion(Resize dimensions and file format).
- You can manage to keep or not for ICC Profile and Exif.
- It supports many algorithm such as Nearest-Neighbor, Balanced HQ, Bilinear, Bicubic.
- Image optimization feature with the Antelope engine.
- Auto rotation feature based on Exif orientation data. (JPEG only)
- Modern and friendly Interface
- Format conversion supports jpeg, png, tiff, gif, bmp.
- Image preview mode and it also can be resize dimensions by drag and drop.

Download: free and no ads.
You can download it at our official website now.

Performance: Throughput (image conversion per sec)

Test Evidences:
Penelope, Beta1
Average Score: 139 conversion/2.23sec

Ralpha, Version 140412
Average Score: 139 conversion/4.2sec

Resize Cho-Kantan!Pro, Version 3.19
Average Score: 139 image conversion/33.0sec

Caesium, Version 1.7.0
Average Score: 139 conversion/47.0sec

FastStone Photo Resizer, Version 3.2
Average Score: 139 conversion/86.3sec

Fuji Resizer, version
Average Score: 139 conversion/322.7sec (too slow…)

Ralpha, Resize Cho-Kantan Pro and Fuji-Resizer are famous image converter in Japan.

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